Artisan Brewing is a Belgian-style brewer born of a love for an often-neglected element in brewing, yeast! After a global career in Geophysics, Brian Fitzgerald along with wife Julia planned to retire, via a detour to complete an American Brewers Guild qualification. Study & numerous trips to Pajottenland, a true obsession with unique Belgian beer grew along with a geographically similar landscape to call home, Denmark Western Australia. The vast array of beers are collectively yeast-forward, with aromas & flavours expressing themselves as complex fruits & spices with great variation between strains, all of which lend themselves towards being food-friendly. Crafted in geometry – Yeast, Water, Malt & Hops, along with other special ingredients.  Brian has experience in many realms of beer - including a stint at Saint Arnold Brewery in Houston Texas, being Australia's first Cicerone, President of WABA & a certified BJCP judge. We aim to showcase a great representation of Belgian-styles beers to Australia, representing our ethos – Art, Science, Passion & Community.