Sip's Best WA Beers of 2018

We did it again! This is one of our favs too. So pleased and humbled to be in such great company with all these otherbrewing luminaries - WA Craft Rocks!


We trawled through our tasting notes and picked a super Sandgroper Sixpack for the year - the best half-dozen new brews to have passed our crew's lips. What were your favourite WA beers over the past 12 months?

5. ARTISAN – RE-UNFORBIDDEN (6.5%)The Sip has a secret. The team likes fig – a lot. So when combined with one of its favourite styles – anything to do with Belgium – it is mouth marriage made in a mash for the crew. Australia’s first Cicerone, Brian Fitzgerald, is a master of Belgian-style beer and he has used dried figs and dates to enhance the Red Witbier called Unforbidden he had in kegs last year. While the fruits shine, so, too, does the malt and spice. It is very easy to make a bad Belgian. We’re yet to have one from Artisan.

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