We did it again!!! So chuffed to have won this trophy for the second time in a row with our Quad'17!! Oh and three Golds in a row for this amazing Vintage Ale too.

People ask us "why Vintage Ales?" - I hope this helps!😃

All 10 of our beers medalled - woohoo!

Gold: Quad '17

Silver: Hermitage 1, The Moz IPA, Le Chemin '18, Flanders Red Solera '19, Abbey Blonde, and The Gnome (South West Craft Beer of the Year 2019)

Bronze: Belgian Chocolate Stout, Saison San Peche, and Imperial Moz IPA

And of course the trophy win for Brewers Battle Royale with our South West brewing compatriots!

Stay tuned for some epic events during Belgian National Day.....from the brewers that never sleep!

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